Scratch cards are most commonly used where there is a need to provide a simple means for resident’s visitors to park in a controlled parking area. They also provide a very cost effective method for cashless parking by selling cards for fixed periods on a pre-payment basis.

Scratch cards usually feature panels printed with day, date, year and time (for cards valid for less than a day). These panels are then covered in a scratch off latex material. In use the relevant panels are scratched-off by the user to validate the card and prevent it’s re-use.

We use a genuine latex based scratch off material in our products. This allows the panels to be scratched more easily and improves the shelf life of the products.

Scratch cards can be provided in a variety of finished formats including books, as single cards, as multiples on a sheet or even as fan fold packs. Cards can be numbered sequentially as well as barcoded in any format.

Where you are operating multiple types of card we can assist you to reduce the costs of stock maintenance. We offer a service to personalise cards on demand with zone and other information allowing you to have a generic stock that is also versatile across multiple zones.

In addition we offer a complete service to personalise and mail scratch cards from your data. This is usually carried out on a daily basis so that you are enhancing service delivery to your users. Personalising with name and address allows them to be delivered direct to applicant’s homes and putting variable information such as zones and face value on the card increases the level of control and reduces mis-use.

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