Parking permits and season tickets fulfil a number of roles. Parking permits are most commonly used in the on-street environment as part of a residents parking scheme or to provide preferential parking to residents. Season tickets are typically sold for a fixed period as for sue in off street car parks.

We offer permits and season tickets in a range of styles including as A4 pages, single permits for hand-writing or books of permits. Permits can be printed in full colour with lightfast inks to resist fade.

A number of options are available for permits security. Commonly this takes the form of a hologram or coloured foil. Holograms and foils do not reproduce successfully when scanned or copied and so fraudulent copies become easier to spot. Holographic foil is in limited circulation which make fraudulent reproduction even more difficult.

We produce permits with integrated self adhesive holders. Users simply peel away a border to reveal the glass compatible adhesive and attach the permit to the windscreen. This approach improves convenience for the user and reduces costs because a separate holder is no longer necessary.

To supplement our permit solutions we offer a service for digital printing and mailing of parking permits. From data that you provide we print permits on demand in full colour and mail them direct to the addressee. This approach enhances your service delivery and eliminates the risk of stock obsolescence. See too the section on digital printing and mailing.

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