Although mobile devices are used widely for ticket issuing there are times when it is still more cost effective to use a handwritten ticket. Perhaps you issue a small number of parking charge, penalty charge or fixed penalty notices, you might operate in remote locations without access to network coverage or perhaps you simply need a back up for the technology.

We offer handwritten tickets in a variety of styles. Most commonly they are multi part self copying (“NCR”) sets or two or three parts made up into books with a front and back cover.

We offer numbering in a variety of styles including sequential numbering and numbering with check digits to protect against incorrect data capture. Check digit numbering is most often used in the regulated parking environment for ticket issued for example under the Traffic Management Act, Road Traffic Act or Road Traffic Regulation Act. Check digit numbering is also used on police issued fixed penalty notices, and fixed penalties for environmental contraventions.

In addition to human readable numbers we reproduce ticket numbers in a variety of automated reading formats. Usually this is barcode, 2D or 3D but includes OCR and OMR technologies.

Pocket books. Although mobile devices are widespread there are always time when it’s good to have a pocket book to log observations and contraventions as well as noting machine faults and issues with signs and lines. We supply pocket books in a range of styles any of which can be designed to suit your specific needs.

Notebooks can be produced in a variety of styles, sizes and numbers of pages and all manufactured to suit your particular needs. Get in touch to talk through your requirements.

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